Tuesday, November 17, 2015

XrmRichTextEditor component released

Hi all!
I'm proud to present you XrmRichTextEditor!

XrmRichTextEditor is a free component for MS CRM which allow you to write HTML code in a WYSIWYG editor. It's based on CKEditor.
Go to the Wiki to get started!
Go to the Release page to download the solution for CRM 2015!

Share it :) !

Download my other component : XrmSignature.


  1. I have added the text editor to CRM and it looks great but when I save the form and reopen it the text I entered in the editor is gone. It appears to not be saving. Any suggestions?

    1. Hello, this component was released a while ago for MS CRM 2015 and I don't maintain it anymore but feel free to check the sources on GitHub and fork it : https://github.com/BackToTheCrm/XrmRichTextEditor