Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Introduction to Resco Mobile CRM

Have you already been confronted to mobility issues ? Of course Microsoft offer phone and tablet app and, obviously, the CRM for Outlook plugin.
At this time, only the CRM for Outlook plugin offer real offline capabilities. It does a great job, and even more with the last update.
However, we can all concede that the UI is not tablet/phone friendly! This is why I will introduce you to Resco Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM.
Resco home screen

First, Resco Mobile CRM is available on your favorite OS (Windows, iOS, Android) and its UI is consistent with the OS UI. This app is designed to be mobile and, in my humble opinion, is quite intuitive.
Another key feature is the offline mode, Resco Mobile CRM allow you to go in a full offline mode which is the most important thing when talking about mobility.
One of the newest functionality is the Route Planning which give you the possibility of plan up your appointments in regard of the estimated time of arrival to the location of the meeting.
Route planner
In addition you can do various actions from a record such as GPS navigation or call. Talking about call, when you call from a record, at the end your are prompted to create a Call activity and the calling time is already set ! Magic !
And if the default entities are not sufficient, you can easily customize your app with Woodford, the project builder. Especially, you can brand the app with the colors of your company, edit the views, the forms or the offline sync filters.
Because it's only an introduction and there are a lot of features, I let you check them here.
Overview of the available features

Here are some screenshot of the default app :
Account read form
Location of an account on a map
Setup window

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