Monday, August 31, 2015

Avoid Hidden Mapping

Hello everyone !
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For today's post I'll talk about hidden mappings. 
For those which doesn't know what it is, I explain :
When you convert a quote to an order the quote products are copied to the order as order products. If you have customized the Quote Product and the Order Product entity adding a new field, this new field won't be filled during the conversion to an order.
In order to copy the field there is a solution commonly named hidden mapping, which allow you to set how custom fields will be copied from a quote product to and order product. It's the same process for the other convert actions : Opportunity to Quote, Quote to Order, Order to Invoice.
I will not explain the technique because it is not supported by Microsoft and I don't like to share unsupported ways to customize the CRM ;)
BUT ! I will show you another way to achieve this.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Create records with related records

Sometimes you will need to create a record with related records at the same time.
I used to create the related records before the parent record and then update them to set the reference of their parent. I wasn't satisfied by this method, so I searched on the Internet and there is a proper way to create related record.
It's pretty easy, I'll show you :)

Turn off the welcome screen in CRM Online

Yesterday I tweeted about this article by Ben Hosking

This morning a friend of mine tells me that in CRM 2015, we can disable the Navigation Tour without passing by the Windows Register (regedit). Great news ! It means we can do that on CRM Online !

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How to filter on the Time part of a date in FetchXML

Did you try to set a filter on a date ? Pretty easy, isn't it ?
And with a time part ? Harder, right ?
This post will help you to make it easy !

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Display secondary fields in a lookup

If the principal attribute (the name of the record, most of the time) isn't enough, it's possible to display 2 more fields.
I want to know what is his job title !

Create a Workflow Short Cut Ribbon Button

You may have experienced this situation :
There is too many click to run the functionality. I'm lost.

— Anonymous customer
The less number of click the better for the User Experience.
So here is a link to a good tutorial for Creating a Workflow Shortcut Ribbon Button with no code using the Ribbon Workbench solution by Scott Durow.

Monday, August 3, 2015

How to deal with address

Have you ever wonder why the principal address of a customer is not shown while working on a quote/order ?

My first post

Good news everyone ! I'm starting my blog !
Why ? Because when I'm stuck with technical problem I'm glad to find a blog post which will solve it :)
I hope it will be helpful ;)